Brigadeiros in Sydney – The most traditional Brazilian sweet

How to keep your Brigadeiro always fresh


A lot of people ask me how is the best way to keep Brigadeiros .The truth is Brigadeiros are always better as much fresh as possible. They do can be kept for one week if you really need, but we don’t recommend.¬†

If they aren’t as a ball (Example: Creamy version in a Jar) they can still be good after one week.

The worst thing to do with a Brigadeiro Ball is keep it on the fridge as it can compromise the creamy texture. What you need is just keep in a cool temperature, not too hot but not too cold.
Here at Sweet Brazilian, we try to make and delivery our Brigadeiros as the same day to keep our high quality and we strongly recomemd to be consumed at the first 12 hours.

Brigadeiro is a special Sweet and has to be appreciate as the best way possible.


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